The purpose of the league is to allow youngsters from ages 13 to 19 the opportunity to play baseball during the summer months.

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Pete Kokinis Baseball League
Insurance Programs
Accident Insurance
All players who play Pete Kokinis Baseball, as well as adults who serve as managers, coaches, umpires, official scorekeepers, must be covered by accident insurance. Leagues may purchase purchase their own insurance from any source, but coverage must be at least comparable to that provided by the low rate plan through the Pete Kokinis Baseball League.
Teams providing the own insurance must submit a certificate to the League office before their first game, naming the League as Additional Insured. At a minimum, coverage must include:
General Liability: $2,000,000
Legal Liability: $2,000,000
Medical Coverage: $100,000
Procedures to File a Claim
Coach should complete the injury report form that is located on the league website under documents. A claim form will be given to the parents and/or the claimant by the coach or league director.
The bottom of the form must be completed by the League Director. This form must have the name of the team and/or League.

Attention Parents
Please be advised that this coverage is excess/emergency to any other valid and collectible coverage subject to a $100.00 deductible. This means if there is any other health and accident coverage, all charges must be submitted to them first on a primary basis. This coverage will consider the amount not covered by the other insurance. If you have other coverage, the other carrier's payment (s) will be used to satisfy our deductible. If you have no other coverage, we will apply the $100.00 deductible to the charges received until the deductible has been satisfied. (***NOTE*** coverage is in effect for 52 weeks from the date of the accident.
***NOTE*** If your other insurance is an HMO plan, we recommend that you go to the providers within that plan. If you elect not to go to providers within that plan, your claim may be denied by the HMO and you would be responsible for the deductible under the league insurance.
Please make sure that the league director has completed the lower portion of the claim form in its entirety. You will now complete the upper portion of this form in its entirety. Omission of any information may cause a delay in the processing of you claim.
Please attach all itemized billings along with the corresponding explanation of benefits from your other insurance showing what they paid. We will then process the outstanding portion.
If there are any questions, concerning the filing of a claim, you may contact K&K Insurance at 800-237-2917.